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At ARDEVUR, we embark in new challenging projects each year, aiming to create added value within our business sector. Our main goal for 2020 is bringing innovation to our industry through digital.

We are excited to announce the launch of our new platform ARDEVUR Commodities Marketplace, which will allow users to expand towards new markets, new products, or simply to grow their existing physical trading activities in metal commodities business.

Our today’s mission is providing a breaking change through digital, to help our market rebuild and keep a solid pace in these times of struggle. When the world seemed to be falling apart, we chose to take a brave step in the digital world and put our efforts into maximising trading efficiency.


While a tragic series of events has marked our world forever, new and great scientific achievements have characterised the course of 2020. It is hard to decide whether this should be a year of mourn or celebration. But one thing is sure to say: both the bad and the good dragged humanity towards the same and only need to digitalise. Either that we wished for this or not, 2020 is the Year of Digital.

Throughout an unprecedented pandemic outbreak and a dramatic first half of 2020, billions of humans chose to not give up and found the strength to keep on fighting. Conscious that each of us can make a difference in these hard times, we worked hard to develop digital innovation, with the goal to support our market and business partners.

Our motto for this year is:


A fall is certainly not the end. We can get up and rise from the ashes, join forces and start planning the future we wish for. We can cooperate and together grow back stronger than ever. When despairing makes no sense and there are no other options left, the key is adapting to the rules of the new world, to embrace change and take destiny in our own hands. Under an optimistic viewpoint, this can be our opportunity to start again and better, a new hope for a brighter future ahead.

With this VIDEO and our hearts full of optimism, we want to give our homage to all those who like us never lost hope and had the courage to get up. To those who strive every day to bring a positive change. To those who play their part in rebuilding a better world.


Never before we had the chance to appreciate the importance of technology and digitalisation in our world as much as in 2020. Even while forced between four walls, we were able to remain in a constant real time connection with the world, with the enormous power to run our business from remote and keep the wheel turning. Even if we do not hope for this to be the new normality, we need to look ahead of us and brace ourselves for another similar event in the future.


By releasing our own digital platform, we aim to innovate our business to make online work more efficient. In a slow-paced global market, minimising your daily use of time and money is the key to success.


In a slow-paced and yet volatile market, reducing time and money consumption is as essential as being sufficiently flexible to face sudden changes. ARDEVUR Commodities Marketplace is a digital platform aiming to simplify trading activities, without changing the way of doing business.

We love to see our digital marketplace as a robotic arm, giving us the superpowers to achieve what might have seemed impossible before.

«100% DIGITAL. 200% HUMAN.»

Unlike most digital platforms, the wheel spinning behind ARDEVUR Commodities Marketplace is fully managed by humans, acting as a means that empowers communication rather than alterating the good old trading habits of its users. Whereas technology can constantly improve how we do things, we still believe our activities should never be reduced to automation, as human interaction is the single most important factor in business.


The commerce of metals in form of raw materials or processed goods dates back to over 5000 years ago. Today, in an age when information moves around at the speed of light, physical trade of metal products still holds on to its conservative traits. Taking steps forward towards technology and embracing its perks may be commonly mistaken for leaving the old good way to do business behind.

However, the old and the new can live in harmony in solutions developed to take out the best of both worlds. ARDEVUR Commodities Marketplace is a digital platform born to maximise the efficiency of trading activities, without renouncing a traditional approach.


ARDEVUR Commodities Marketplace finds its strength in its smart approach to users’ needs, providing daily browsing among many trading opportunities and a space to list their offers and requests in just a few clicks.

We love to define ARDEVUR Commodities Marketplace a SMART Digital Platform:

  • S for “SIMPLE”: Just few minutes a day are enough to check for updates, and posting an offer takes about one minute!
  • M for “MULTIPLE”: You will be connected with a broad network of potential buyers and sellers, saving time and increasing your chances to close a deal. Posting a listing equals to sending several emails to notify your contacts: it maximises the efficiency of your operations!
  • A for “AGILE”: No matter what your market role is: that you are manufacturer, a trader or a consultant, the platform is made to fit different business models and adapt to your needs.
  • R for “RELIABLE”: All members undergo a strict approval process: only professionals that are demonstrably active in the metal commodities sector are admitted. Despite the possibility for users to browse and post anonymously, all the content is reviewed and guaranteed.
  • T for “TRADITIONAL”: Human presence is what makes our platform a powerful tool, as no business transactions happen automatically or digitally: all is handled by our staff in the traditional way.


At ARDEVUR, we strive to innovate the way you run your online business routine, to make it simpler and more profitable.

Join the new ARDEVUR Commodities Marketplace to empower your daily trading activities and discover many business opportunities! Subscribing takes just one minute, and it is completely free of charge! Our digital platform is a free tool to expand towards new markets, new products, or simply to grow your existing business with us.

Upon registration, your company will go through an approval process which is described at this link and aims to create a selected and reliable environment inside the platform.


Ardevur is a multifaceted European corporation with its representatives in Asia, Africa and Americas. Born with the purpose of playing a part in the global import-export of raw and processed metal products, Ardevur is today supplying a diversified range of commodities, providing business-to-business solutions and consulting small-to-large enterprises all over the world.


The word “Ardevur” results from the combination of Earth “Aarde” and Fire “Vuur”. We forge precious ideas into the fire of our expertise, just like a raw stone mined from the earth is refined into shiny and glorious metal. Ardevur’s mission is to turn ideas into reality, projects into success, opportunities into long-lasting relationships. Ardevur wants to be a certainty for those who trade within an uncertain environment, teeming with daily difficulties. Today’s trends and rules keep on changing and leave space to new challenges, and Ardevur adapts fast while firmly standing upon its values, with the distinctive ethics and the tailored problem-solving approach that have allowed its place in the market.


Since its early stages, Ardevur has been striving to bring an innovative viewpoint into a conservative market that shines within its traditions. Its primary base in Malta has allowed Ardevur to evolve from the traditional approach to physical metal trading to a digital one, with the launch of a Digital Marketplace in 2020.

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