Lead (Pb)


Lead is a soft, malleable and heavy metal with symbol Pb (from the Latin word plumbum) and a dull grayish color when exposed to air, while it burns with a bluish-white flame. Lead has the highest atomic number of any stable non-radioactive element: Lead-208 is the heaviest known stable nuclide. Lead has been commonly used for thousands of years for being widespread, easy to extract, highly malleable and easily smeltable. Metallic Lead’s first uses are attributed to Ancient Egyptians and Chinese, and date back to 7000 BC, making Lead the first metal to be ever smelted, to deserve the name of “father of all metals”. During the classical era, Rome had a yearly output of 80.000 tonnes.


World resources of lead exceed 2 billion tons, with massive presence in Australia, China, Ireland, Mexico, Peru, etc. With its high density, softness, ductility, malleability, poor electrical conductivity and high resistance to corrosion, Lead is nowadays used in construction, batteries, bullets and firearms, weights, radiation shields, etc. Lead was used during the Renaissance to produce the printing press and firearms, and Britain became and remained the leading Lead producer until half the 19th century. Lead consumption is currently increasing worldwide, and an attention for the recycling of this material has been growing. Today almost 60% of Lead is secondary, namely produced from scrap.



Lead Ore & Concentrate | Lead Primary & Refined | Lead Secondary & Remelted | Lead Alloys | Lead Scrap & Waste.


Below are listed the Lead-based Products we currently deal with.

Lead Ore & Concentrate

Lead Ore, Lead Concentrate.

Lead Primary & Refined

Primary and Refined Pb 99.97% min. Ingots, Blocks.

Lead Secondary & Remelted

Remelted Pb 97% min., Off-grades, Lead with Antimony, Lead with Tin, Lead with Tin and Antimony, Ingots, Blocks.

Lead Alloys

PbSb Alloys, PbCa Positive/Negative Alloys.

Lead Scrap & Waste

Drained Lead Batteries (Rains), Wet Lead Batteries (Rink), Lead Covered Cu Cable (Rely), Lead Dross (Rents), Lead Wheel Weights, Soft Lead Scrap, Lead Ash, Lead Dust, Lead Filter Cake, Lead and Antimony Dross, Lead and Antimony Dust and Ash, Lead Matte.


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