Magnesium (Mg)


Magnesium is a shiny gray metal with symbol Mg, covering the place of ninth most abundant element in the universe and making almost 15% of the Earth’s mass. Magnesium is mainly produced due to stars’ chemical reactions and burns with a characteristic brilliant-white light. The name of Magnesium originates from the Greek district called Magnesia. Magnesium has a better strength-weight ratio compared to Aluminium, and defined “the lightest useful metal”, it is the third-most-commonly-used structural metal after Iron and Aluminium.


Magnesium global reserves are about 50 times smaller than Aluminium ones, and approximately 80% of Magnesium is produced in China (around 700.000 tonnes a year), followed by USA which currently holds a 7% share, after a history as a dominant supplier that lasted until the late nineties. Magnesium metal is mainly employed as an alloying element in aluminium-magnesium alloys, and was being applied to automotive and aerospace products already during World War II. Other applications include photography flashes, fireworks and electronic devices’ shells.



Magnesium Ore & Concentrate | Magnesium Primary & Refined | Magnesium Secondary & Remelted | Magnesium Alloys | Magnesium Scrap & Waste.


Below are listed the Magnesium-based Products we currently deal with.

Magnesium Ore & Concentrate

Dolomite Ore.

Magnesium Primary & Refined

Magnesium min. 99,8%, Magnesium min. 99,9% Sows, Ingots, Cubes.

Magnesium Secondary & Remelted

Magnesium Off-grade Ingots.

Magnesium Alloys

Ingots AZ91D / MgAl9Zn1, AM50 / MgAl5Mn, AM60 / MgAl6Mn, AS31 / MgAl3Si1, etc.

Magnesium Scrap & Waste

Magnesium Scrap, Magnesium Mixed Alloy Scrap, Magnesium Alloy Diecast, Magnesium Turnings, Magnesium Dross, Magnesium Briquettes.


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